Private Treasures Public Pleasures

Private Treasures Public Pleasures

1 April -25 June 2017

Peter is currently represented by his portrait of Freya Blackwood in an Exhibition at the Orange Regional Gallery titled ‘Private Treasures Public Pleasures’. The portrait was a part of his ‘Macquarie Series’ exhibited in 2010 and is now in a private collection in the Central West.

“Generous collectors share their private treasures for the public pleasure in this exhibition revealing hidden gems from homes across the Central West.

While people collect for a range of reasons which might be aesthetic, emotional or financial, the sheer variety of work in the exhibition reminds us that collecting is a deeply personal pursuit.

This is the fourth exhibition in the ‘Private Treasures Public Pleasures’ series and features works by prominent artists.

The exhibition will also present significant objects d’art from Africa, South-East Asian and Oceanic cultures”. It runs from 1st April to 25th June 2017.